Tapir Valley Naturalist Hike

From: $200.00



The Jungle Night Experience at Tapir Valley is an exhilarating one. You never know what you might see, and you’ll never forget the sights and sensations of nightfall in a pristine, private rainforest.
We will start at sunset and begin seeing and hearing how the forest around you transforms. Nocturnal animals begin to stir and become active for their nightly activities, including hunting, eating, and looking for mates.
Our naturalist guide will lead you through open grasslands, a wetland, and forest environment. As your vision gets used to the dark, you will be able to spot even the smallest creatures in the forest.
While sightings of the endangered Baird’s tapir are rare, the animal is nocturnal, and finding evidence of its presence is especially thrilling at night when you know it’s active in the forest, just as you are.

Snacks (coffee, natural juice, fruits, and traditional turnovers)
Minimum Admission Age: 9-years-old
Duration of tour: 7 hours
Price per person: $200 (at least 2 pax)

What to bring:
Comfortable clothes, Raincoats, Sneakers, or hiking shoes. Wearing pants and long sleeves (dark colors) is recommended.
Bug spray.
Binoculars and Camera.