White Water Rafting Class III-IV

From: $210.00


Large waves, long rapids, rocks, considerable drops and turbulent water will be the highlights of our Costa Rica rafting experience! This 2.5-hour adventure along Tenorio scenic river will thrill you.
The second half of our Costa Rica rafting tour is the one that will completely elevate your heart beat, finishing with a 12-foot waterfall drop that will blow your mind! However, if you feel like you have had enough rush for the day, the rapids can be skipped.
But no worries, we will give you some time to catch your breath at the end, where we will be sharing our exciting stories, some fresh fruit and snacks, and rehydrate before we drive back to the restaurant for lunch.

Rafting experience
Minimum Admission Age: 8-years-old
Duration: Full-Day
Price per person: $210 (at least 2 pax)

What to bring:
Camera, Bug spray, Sunglasses, Hat, Sun block.
Comfortable clothes, extra clothes, water shoes or flip flops.