Spring break is one of the most anticipated moments of the year.  Thousands of people of all ages dream about this moment to escape the cold and enjoy some days of fun in the sun.  But, what would you do if you could have a “spring break” of 90 days or more?


Is there spring in Costa Rica?


Unlike countries further north such as the United States or Canada, Costa Rica does not have 4 defined stations.  This means that in the country of Pura Vida we enjoy only two distinctive seasons, marked by the presence or absence of rain.  From December to April, in the majority of Costa Rica´s territory, we have what we called the summer or a golden season, with no rain at all.


Costa Rica´s summer or “verano” in Spanish, start with the Christmas season. Yes, no white-Christmas around here, but sunny and warm days.  At this time of the year, schools have a long-period off. It can go from late November to the middle of February. And, then there is another week off for Easter or “Semana Santa”.


Even though we don’t have 90 day-vacation leaves, Costa Rica experiences every year a long period of visits to the beach, outdoor activities and other fun things to do.


How Ticos enjoy “spring break”


The indisputable destination is the Pacific Coast. Ticos travel to Guanacaste and Puntarenas to enjoy the warm waters of the ocean and golden sand beaches.


Due to the closeness of Puntarenas to San José, Costa Ricans prepare one-day excursions.  There are several beaches visited by the locals such as Jacó, Hermosa, and Puntarenas.  Usually, the day consists of a full day at the beach, with no need to move to have lunch.  Families usually prepare ahead with sandwiches or even BBQs at the beach.  And, at the end of the day, there is an obligated visit to one of the many small restaurants that sell the famous Churchill.  This dessert consists of crushed ice, cola syrup, and your choice of condensed milk, powdered milk, ice cream, fresh fruit, jelly and other ingredients.  If there is more time, Guanacaste is great for over-the-night stays, usually for camping.

Costa Rican Vacations Churchill

Image by TicoTimes

Another activity that Costa Ricans enjoy is visiting a river and spending the day refreshing in its fresh waters and having a picnic lunch in the riverside.

Costa Rica Spring Break Waterfalls

Image by TicoTimes


In recent years, Ticos have started to enjoy adventure outdoor sports like White-water rafting, mountain bike or hiking.

In a country with more than 1,000 miles of coastline and beaches, hundreds of volcanic formations, hundreds of rivers, lagoons and waterfalls, and an impressive mountain range, having more than 150 days of perfect weather is a treasure.

Volcanoes in Costa Rica

Share with us what would you like to experience during your next visit Spring Break visit to Costa Rica? Or if you have not chosen a destination for your Spring Break, we really hope you are now considering the land of Pura Vida.