Father’s Day is around the corner and finding the perfect gift for him is important. What could be better than giving him a memorable experience he will treasure? Keep reading and find the perfect adventure tour that will surely be his favorite Father’s Day gift of all times.


Father’s Day gift


When you are looking for a gift it is important to know the preferences of the person who is being honored.  In this case, if you are thinking about an adventure experience for Father’s Day it is important to understand the level of adventure your father enjoys.


Some people may think that adventure only refers to extreme experiences such as jumping from an airplane.  However, adventure can also be being close to nature in a pleasant boat trip.


So, today we will recommend you a tour for three different types of dads: The adrenaline junkie pops, the “not so sure but what a heck” daddy and the homebody father.



A father’s day full of adrenaline


Our top choice to experience the adrenaline flowing through your veins, especially during the month of June in Costa Rica, is White-water rafting.  And, there is no better place than the Tenorio River.


Considered as the best river in Guanacaste to practice the discipline of white-water rafting, the Tenorio river offers the Class III and IV levels. This fast-flowing river rises on the slopes of the Tenorio volcano and comes to join the Corobicí River, where you can also practice rafting on quieter levels.


This full-day adventure starts with a short lesson with your experienced and knowledgeable guide to understanding how to tame the beast.  Once you are ready, two and a half hours of experiencing the power of nature await you.  One of the highlights you will enjoy is a 12-feet drop that will test your courage.

Father's Day gift white water rafting

In a quick stop to grant your adrenal glands a break, a well-deserved snack station will welcome you back to the mainland. Fresh tropical fruits, cookies, natural beverages and water are served midway. Once you have recovered your breath, the adventure continues.


As the river is located within protected areas, wildlife can also be part of the adventure.  Monkeys, iguanas and a wide variety of birds could be adorning the river bank, so stay alert!

Because food is part of a celebration, lunch is served at the end of the adventure.  A delicious “Casado” a typical food option can be enjoyed at the restaurant we visit to close the day with a flourish.


For more information about white-water rafting in Costa Rica visit our recent blog post with all the details you need to know.


A father’s day with new experiences


If you want your dad to feel Numinous a Latin word that describes an experience that may be a little scary but at the same time fascinating, our tour to Borinquen will do the magic.

Father's Day gift Horseback riding

Borinquen sits quietly in the slopes of the Rincón de la Vieja volcano.  The adventure starts with the discovery of the magnificent tropical forests that surrounds the property in a horseback ride. The picturesque views of the Guanacaste lowlands and the cattle ranch pastures will make you feel reconnected with nature.


The relaxing ride prepares you to feel some adrenaline in your system.  Prepare to fly through the canopies and experience the forest like the wildlife does.  Borinquen features a 12-platform zip line that we know you will enjoy.  The highlights of the day are the 320ft high line, and the 2250ft long line, which will allow you to have a bird´s sight of the Borinquen waterfall.

Father's Day gift Zip line

After some time flying through the forest, you will get hungry, so it is time for an earned lunch at the Borinquen´s restaurant.


To finish the perfect day of relax and adventure, take a volcanic mud bath followed by an unwinding time at the hot springs pools of the resort. Dad will feel energized and loved with a collection of new memories.


A father’s day immersed in nature


Because getting to know new and unique places is also an adventure, Kiwanda Maji is the perfect option for the daddies that prefer a more soothing experience.

Father's Day gift Relaxing trip

This mystic place has been named as “the water factory”, in the Swahili language, and it could not hold a better named that reflects its grounds.  Kiwanda Maji is a privately owned property whose owners’ main goal is to protect the amazing biodiversity of the area.


Located in the northern side of the Rincón de la Vieja Volcano, the vegetation is dense, and the wildlife is diverse.  Start the day with an easy hike that will take you to four different waterfalls.  You will have the opportunity to swim in one of the crystal-clear cascades on your way through the trail.

The heritage of the local farm life is also preserved on this magical place. Taste delicious homemade cheeses, traditional tortillas and a cup of Costa Rican coffee at their own cheese factory.  Spend some time at the milking station or visiting the donkeys, goats, sheep, horses, pigs, chickens, turkeys and ducks at the farm.

Father's Day gift blue lagoon

After a morning of discovery, have lunch at the Kiwand Maji restaurant with amazing views of a pristine spring water pond called “blue lagoon” after the intense bright blue color of its waters.


Spend the rest of the afternoon kayaking at the blue lagoon, feeling revitalized by its waters or just enjoying the amazing flora and fauna of the property.



No matter what type of father do you have, celebrate his love and dedication with a noteworthy Father’s Day gift this year.  Remember that our specialty is offering tailor-made experiences with a personalized service.  So, if you have a dad that is looking for a different experience or has a very particular way of having fun, let us know! We are sure we will find the perfect Father’s Day gift for your pops.