The rainforests are considered the “jewels of the planet” due to the unparalleled biodiversity it contains.  The Costa Rica rainforest covers more than 15%* of our territory, being easy for visitors to discover all its mysteries.  Learn with us all you need to know about this ecosystem.


What is the rainforest?

Costa Rica rainforest waterfall

There is no richer ecosystem in the world than the tropical rainforest, especially the one located in the equatorial zone.  It is also considered to be the oldest ecosystem that exists, taking between 60 and 100 million years to evolve.

Rainforests used to cover 14% of the surface of our planet, nowadays the number has dropped to less than 7%.  Within its dark confines live more than 30 million species of flora and fauna, comprising half of all species on the planet earth.

For a forest to be considered a rain forest it must have an annual rainfall between 2,000 and 6,000 mm and have a high temperature. For those of us who are not meteorologists, this means almost no periods without rain. Therefore, the vegetation is always green and dense.

The magical landscapes of these forests are given by the great heights that reach their trees, all struggling to receive a bit of sun. Below them follow other layers of trees that form continuous blocks for their abundant vines, lianas and beautiful flowers like orchids. Below these, 1 to 3 strata can still be mentioned, so it is not surprising that more than 300 species of trees and shrubs can be found in a hectare of this forest.


What to experience in the Costa Rica rainforest?

Costa Rica rainforest map


It is incredible to think that more than 40% of Costa Rica was covered by this type of forest. And although at this time that number is much smaller, the country has made a great effort to create protected areas that ensure that the Costa Rica rainforest continue to fascinate many generations to come.

Although one of the greatest attractions of this type of forest is the ability to observe wild animals, the experience of visiting a Costa Rica rainforest is special throughout the journey.  Being able to walk through an ecosystem in full action that manifests itself in many ways in front of your very eyes is magical.

More than 400 species of birds live in the Costa Rica rainforest. To mention some, we can see colorful toucans, woodpeckers, trogons, quetzals and hummingbirds.

There is also a great variety of mammals present in this rich ecosystem. The stunning felines of Costa Rica live here, such as the cougar, the jaguar, the jaguarundi, the margay and the ocelot.  Others that are easier to spot are the two and three-toed sloths, the howler monkey and the coatis. Also, the impressive tapir, which is the largest land mammal; the peccary and the white-lipped peccary.

The Costa Rica rainforest is also home to a great variety of amphibians such as the famous red-eyed tree frog and the blue-jeans frog.  Hundreds of species of colorful butterflies also live here including the amazing Morpho.


Where can I find the rainforest in Costa Rica?

The Costa Rica rainforest can be experienced in many areas around the country.  Come with us to explore the Costa Rica rainforest with our tours:

Arenal Adventure Day

Hanging Bridges Arenal Costa Rica Rainforest

Visit one of the most amazing volcanoes in the country and experience the Costa Rica rainforest in one day. Immerse in this incredible ecosystem flying through it in a zip line tour or take your time to walk among the tree canopy in a hanging bridge.  You could also visit a breathtaking waterfall, visit an orchid garden, unwind in a nature hike or relax in the hot spring pools. You choose your activities and we personalize the tour for you.  Check more information here: Book your tour now

Rio Celeste & Sloth Reserve

rio celeste rain forest costa rica

This full-day tour will take you not only to experience the magical Costa Rica rainforest but also a nature’s wonder that is unique and you will not see anywhere else in the world, the Rio Celeste river.  You will also be able to visit a private reserve with a sloth reserve, a butterfly garden, and also spot some other wildlife like red-eyed frogs, hummingbirds, toucans, among others.

Learn more here

Kiwanda Maji


Spend a peaceful day at this magical place which name means “the water factory”.  Immerse in the Costa Rica rainforest, experience four different waterfalls, and feel blown away kayaking through an electric-blue waters lagoon.  Also, learn all about how is to live in a Costa Rican typical farm and even learn how to milk a cow! Reserve this amazing experience here


The Costa Rica rainforest has been researched by thousands of biologist and scientists from all over the world, even so, it is said that many of the wonders that it contains are to be discovered. The rainforests are also considered as the lungs of the planet, help us to conserve them by taking actions every day to stop global warming. Another way to help preserve the Costa Rica rainforest is by visiting our country and its protected areas. Contact us and we help you design the perfect day in the Costa Rica rainforest.