Traveling with kids is not easy and not all destinations are a good option.  So, today we bring you our suggestions for the best Costa Rica kid-friendly activities. We know you will love them so much that you will be booking your flight to Costa Rica as soon as you finish reading.

Let´s start!


Why Costa Rica is a kid-friendly destination?

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Choosing the right fit of destination for your family is the first step when planning your next family trip.  Kids usually like to be active, explore and keep busy.  While, parents, as much as they love their kids, also need some quiet moments to relax.

Kid-friendly activities have to be entertaining, challenging and safe at the same time.  Costa Rica has so lots of options to fulfill completely these requirements. If you are traveling with teenagers, some cool activities such as surfing, and zip lining can be easily found too.

But again, what can Costa Rica offer me as a kid-friendly destination? Here are some important reasons to consider:

  • It can be accessed through a quick and easy flight from all major cities in the US and Canada
  • As tourism is Costa Rica´s most important economic activity, there is a wide variety of accommodation options for all budgets
  • It is a safe country to visit. The US travel advisory ranks our country as level 1, which means exercising normal precautions like the ones you would take at home.
  • Language and currency are not a barrier. English is widely spoken, and dollars accepted almost everywhere, especially in touristic areas like Guanacaste.
  • On the same day you could experience a complete immersion in nature by the mornings and stay connected with the rest of the world in the afternoon, as we know it is a must for kids nowadays (well, for adults too)
  • It is easy to pack what all you would need is: tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, bathing suits, flip-flops and hiking shoes.
  • The weather is almost predictable as no rain at all during the dry season and rainy afternoons during the dry season. Also, hurricane season does not really affect the country.
  • There are so many things to do: be in contact with nature, beach hopping, rafting, zip lining, visit a volcano, meet a sloth or monkey, horseback ride, surf, spa, sail, fish, snorkel, kayak and much more!



The best Costa Rica kid-friendly activities and tours

If you decide to visit and will be staying in Guanacaste, we would love to take you to these activities that have been a complete success with families.  Discover our kid-friendly activities and tours:


Kiwanda Maji

Kid-friendly activities Costa Rica

One of our newest offers for families has become a must when visiting with kids.  Kiwanda Maji, which name means Water Factory, is a paradise.

Located in the slopes of the Rincon de la Vieja volcano, this place is surrounded by the biodiverse rainforest.  An electric blue colored lagoon is the heart of this place. Its impressive color is caused by the minerals that carry its waters that were born within the volcano.

Father's Day gift blue lagoon

However, the amazingly beautiful scenic views of this place are not the main attraction.  The farm, where your kids can witness an authentic rural life with direct contact with cows, hens and chicken, sheep, and other animals are the highlight of the day.  You will be surprised by how kids connect with the farm animals and its simple life.

You will also have the opportunity to visit 4 different waterfalls, dip into the lagoon, enjoy a delicious organic lunch and reconnect with your family.


Buena Vista

Kid-friendly activities Buena Vista

If adventure is what your family is looking for, this place is for you!

Your family will have a memorable day visiting the surroundings of the Rincon de la Vieja volcano.  The kid-friendly activities day start with a nice horseback riding tour through the Guanacaste mountain range, the horse will be your transportation to the first zip-line platform.

No matter if you and your kids do not have experience with adventure activities, we know you will love zip-lining on this tour.  You will feel the thrill of flying through the tree canopies but without the fear of extreme heights and long distances.  The family ziplining was specially created for the enjoyment of everyone and build with the highest safety standards.

The kid-friendly activities also include the fun mountain waterslide, one of the favorites of kids, the visit to the Salitral Waterfall and a relaxing time at the spring water pools.

Book your Buena Vista Tour today! The minimum age for the zip-line: 5-6 years (depends on the size of the infant as security equipment is mandatory)


Colorado Rafting

Kid-friendly activities Costa Rica Rafting

White-water rafting can be usually perceived as an extreme adventure sport suitable only for adrenaline addicts however, our country offers also calmer rivers perfect as a kid-friendly activity option.

The Colorado River offers a Class II and III white-water rafting tour perfect for families! For kids from 7 years old, this activity is an enjoyable full-day tour.


Río Celeste

Kid-friendly activities Sloth reserve

If getting close to a sloth and other wildlife is in the bucket list of your children, this kid-friendly activity is your perfect choice.

kid-friendly activities costa rica Rio Celeste

Visit the magnificent and unique Rio Celeste waterfall with us! This river is named after the exceptional color of its waters.  Feel amazed by a geological and geomorphology phenomenon that tints the water as an act of magic.

After visiting the Tenorio National Park, home of the Rio Celeste Waterfall, our tour takes us to a family-owned “Finca” that has become a Sloth reserve.  Hundreds of other wildlife species called this land home.  Be ready to spot colorful birds, butterflies, insects and amphibians too.


Contact us and book your personalized kid-friendly activities with us! Our private and tailor-made tours are perfect for families that want to create lifetime memories!

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