If you are just about to tie the knot, you will also be thinking about where to go for your honeymoon.  If your checklist includes a tropical paradise and fun things to do, your Costa Rica honeymoon will be perfect.

A guide for the best Costa Rica Honeymoon

Based on our extensive experience with hundreds of couples visiting our country and years of understanding of Costa Rica as a destination, we bring you today our tips for having a honeymoon to cherish for the rest of your new life together.


First things first, here some initial considerations:

  • Plan ahead – We understand that planning a wedding could be time-consuming and the honeymoon could be moved to the back burner. However, if you include the honeymoon plans in the wedding to-do list, we guarantee you will definitely see some benefits.  Costa Rica is a popular destination nowadays and commercial airlines include the destination in their time-to-time offers.  There are many apps that you can download to your phone and program to send you an alert when airfares come down for a chosen destination. Also, hotels tend to offer early booking bonuses on their websites. So, planning ahead can save you lots of money when it comes to traveling.
  • Communication – We don´t want to wear you out with couples counseling pieces of advice, however when it comes to enjoying your honeymoon communication is key.  When you are in love, you tend to say yes to everything just to please your better half and make her/him happy.  That is totally sweet, however, when it comes to planning a trip and even more important the most important trip of your life, honesty needs to come first.  Be totally clear about your expectations and desires of things to do, when to do them and a budget. Reach a middle-point and only then start booking your honeymoon.
  • Choose wisely –  Look for information about the destination. Choose verified and trustful providers of services and do not choose just based on price. Information is power.  No matter if you choose a Costa Rica honeymoon or not. Wherever you go, never sacrifice your safety for a better price.  Look always for testimonials, rating, TripAdvisor reviews, etc.   Also, it is important to learn about the destination.  If you want to learn more about Costa Rica, we invite you to check out our blog posts and follow us on Facebook!
  • Prepare – With all the craziness a wedding can bring, you could overlook your passport’s expiration date, or the vaccines you need to take before jumping on the plane. Be sure to make a list of the essential things you would need, keeping it simple.

Now, that you are prepared, excited and happy about your honeymoon, let us get to the point, a Costa Rica honeymoon.

Why a Costa Rica honeymoon

There are so many options that it is hard to make up your minds about where to go. We understand it, especially because there is that extra pressure that comes with having to make a lifetime memory out of a trip. But, there are other things to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect honeymoon destination.  So, here we help you with some reasons why a Costa Rica honeymoon could be perfect for you.

Hanging Bridges Arenal Costa Rica Rainforest

  • We are sure your wedding is going to be perfect, happy and memorable.  But, also we know you will feel kind of tired at the end.  So an easy flight to your honeymoon destination has to be in the first lines of your checklist.  You will find direct flights to Costa Rica from almost all major cities in the US and Canada, and it is an easy flight to take after some stressful days.
  • No matter the time of the year you will be getting married, Costa Rica offers a tropical warm weather all year long.
  • Costa Rica is a small country so you will be able to explore more and experience different things
  • Most certainly you will always find an option for you no matter what your budget is.  Costa Rica’s main economic activity is Tourism, this means more options for you and best quality of service.
  • Lots of things to do, or great places to do nothing at all. No matter what your description of the perfect honeymoon is, a Costa Rica honeymoon can mean from spending the day at the beach just enjoying your favorite cocktail or exploring the tropical rainforest with your loved one.

Costa Rica honeymoon, what to do

Now that we know you are feeling excited about a Costa Rica honeymoon, the cherry on top, our tours and activities suggestions:

  • Arenal Adventure Day: Explore the surroundings of the most impressive volcano in Costa Rica during your honeymoon.  Our Arenal Adventure Day tour is the perfect match with your Costa Rica honeymoon.  Choose the activities you want to include:
    • Flight through the lush tree canopies of the rainforest in a zip-lining tour
    • Visit a magnificent waterfall
    • Immerse in nature walking a series of hanging bridges
    • Reconnect with yourself in a nature hike
    • Cuddle with your loved one in the hot springs pools.
Visit a volcano best things to do in Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano

  • Costa Rica Wellness & Adventure Tour:  Nestled quietly and almost imperceptible between two natural canyons, Rio Perdido allows you to enjoy some quiet time for yourselves and the adrenaline running through your veins too.  We offer you three different packages that go from a full-adventure day to a more relaxing experience.  Find out more information here: Rio Perdido

  • Tenorio River Rafting: For the true adventurers, our recommendation is to experience the force of nature together.  Costa Rica is famous for its nature but also for being one of the most important white-water rafting destinations in the world.  On this tour, we take you to the most important rafting river in Guanacaste.  Our, certified and professional guides will show you how to have fun riding the powerful waters of the Tenorio River. An adventure we know you will share with your grandchildren in the future.

white-water rafting Costa Rica group of rafters

Spending quality time with your better half is the most important plan you need to make for your honeymoon.  Contact us now and we can help you arrange the perfect activities for your Costa Rica honeymoon.