That time of the year has come! Christmas is around the corner and you start worrying about the gifts. If you are looking for a unique Christmas gift for your family, we have a great idea for you.


What a unique Christmas gift should have?

You can spend hours and hours doing research about what could be the perfect and unique Christmas gift for your loved ones.  There are tons of blogs that could give you advice about the latest trends for the year, or a checklist a gift should have, or complete guides on what to buy depending on the gender or age.  But the truth is that no matter what you buy, a thing is just a thing, and eventually it wears out or a new one will replace what you bought.

If you are looking for a unique Christmas gift, the gift of traveling is all you need.  Here some reasons why:

  • It is true the saying that states that traveling is the only thing you buy that is going to make you richer. Memories are the greatest treasure!
  • Traveling allows you to learn about other cultures, opening your perspective of life and the world.
  • It does not produce waste that will end up in the trash over the years.
  • If you plan to travel with your children, you will teach them the value of an experience on the material.
  • Traveling generate a triple dose of happiness, when it is planned, when is lived and when is remembered.
  • You learn not only about the place you are visiting but also about yourself. You discover how you react to new situations and out of your comfort zone.

Unique christmas gift costa rica

Now that we have set the mind in the right direction, how to choose the perfect destination for a unique Christmas gift?


 A Costa Rica adventure

Costa Rica is a great place to visit for the Christmas season.  Some of the reasons why you should have a Costa Rica adventure are:

  • It means an easy flight. A great number of airlines offer direct flights from the major cities of the US and Canada.  And the duration of the flights could go from just 4 hours.
  • It is a great winter escape. Costa Rica enjoys warm weather throughout the year and during the festive season, the sun shines all day.
  • Costa Rica is a unique Christmas gift also due to the great array of accommodation options and activities for everyone. All family members will find something interesting and enjoyable, no matter ages or desires.

By now, we know you are more than ready to book your Costa Rica adventure as a unique Christmas gift for your loved ones.  So, here some of the great activities you can enjoy during your visit:

Father's Day gift blue lagoon

  • For families: imagine a magical place surrounded by waterfalls, lush rainforest, a bright blue lagoon, wildlife everywhere and the cutest local farm. Come with us to experience Kiwanda Maji, meaning “the water factory” in Swahili language, it is a privately-owned reserve that will offer you are your family a great experience. Learn more about this experience here.


  • For a group of friends: When visiting Costa Rica, the first box of your bucket list should be zip lining, and if you are experiencing this adventure with your friends, the best place to visit is Borinquen. Experience a 12 lines zip line through the rainforest canopy and the thrill of a 180 ft high line or the 2250 ft long one. Book your personalized tour to Borinquen with us!
Visit a volcano best things to do in Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano


  • For a relaxed day: If flying above the forest is not your thing and are looking to unwind during your winter escape, a visit to the picture-perfect Arenal volcano is our recommendation. Start your day visiting one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country, discover the rainforest walking the incomparable hanging bridges and end up the perfect day dipping into the restorative volcanic spring waters.


  • For those who enjoy culture: Make some time in your unique Christmas gift trip for culture. Our Guanacaste Essence tour is a great option if you would like to learn about Costa Rica history and the heritage of our ancestors. Visit a traditional Hacienda, a sugar cane crop, centennial towns and the “Pottery Village”.  Our tours are tailor-made for your enjoyment, ask us for more information.



Contact us now to book a unique Christmas gift! We can help you plan personalized experiences according to your needs and desires.  And from now we wish you a joyful festive season for you and your loved ones!