Happy New Year! We have already started 2019 and New Year’s resolutions is a hot topic. If you are still working on yours or you have not done them yet, today we bring you some ideas that we hope will be useful.

Although in No Limit Adventures Costa Rica, we are not certified coachers or psychologists, knowing so many people and talking with them about their plans and experiences allows us to have an interesting perspective. And, as that time of year has come, we want to help you include some resolutions that are often overseen but can bring you many benefits in your life.


Why making a new year´s resolutions list?

It is impossible not to start the year, look back and think about what I did well, what I did wrong, what I can change and where I want to go. Although it is well known that new year’s resolutions usually end up not being fulfilled, actually doing them can give us a sense of direction and reflect on what we have to focus on in order to become the person we want to be.

When making the list of new year resolutions, it is important to think not only about the outcome, but the process to get there. That is why the resolution should be based on the lifestyle or type of person we want to become or specific actions that lead to that result. Having this in mind, we bring you our new year´s resolutions based on becoming a No Limit Adventurer in 2019.  But don´t freak out! We promise it will make total sense, keep reading….

Hanging bridges Costa Rica

Hanging bridges Costa Rica

Our new year’s resolutions suggestions

Who is a No Limit Adventurer? Don´t worry we will not ask you to include bungee jumping in your list or jumping from an airplane.  What we mean can be expressed in William Feather´s famous quote: “One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure”.  But if you were thinking about really embarking in an adventure do not forget to take a look at our personalized tour options.

So, here is the list of our new year´s resolutions for becoming a no limit adventurer on 2019:

Rio Perdido Costa Rica

  • Live simple

True adventurers do not accumulate possessions. Remember to live life with the eyes of a child again, finding happiness in the simple things of life, and just enjoying the ride.

Live the “Pura Vida” as we do in Costa Rica, a lifestyle that invites us to always smile, to appreciate the simple and to maintain a positive spirit.

We do not mean to sell all your belongings and move to a monk cloister.  We mean to appreciate things for what they are, just things and realizing that things don’t make you happy, love and experiences do.


  • Be more adventurous

When was the last time you felt butterflies in your stomach? When was the last time you leave your comfort zone? When was the last time you tried something for the first time?

Being adventurous do not mean to practice extreme sports, is about trying new things. It can be as simple as ordering from a new restaurant or learning something new.  The adventurer’s soul is created with practice, with small steps that make you nervous but that will generate a surprise and a new experience.


  • Create memories

Seek to do things in your life that are worthy of a memory, a photo in an album or your Instagram. Share more moments with the people you love or dedicate more moments for yourself.

Do not let yourself be trapped by routine, strive to create at least a “moment to remember” once a month and when you realize you will be looking for more and more of those moments in your life.


  • Enjoy nature

Numerous studies show that having contact with nature can improve your physical and mental health. We do not mean that you have to become a camping expert or a biologist. The simple fact of enjoying a park or being outdoors in contact with the sun’s rays can help.

Or, if you really like the idea of nature, we invite you to visit our country and its natural wealth. And why not allow us to be your guides while complying with this New Year’s resolution.

Father's Day gift blue lagoon

Kiwanda Maji, Costa Rica

  • Travel more

Saint Augustine said: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”

Our new year´s resolutions could not be complete without the advice of traveling.  Even if your situation does not allow you to travel to the other part of the world, short road trips where you live can really help you achieve some of the other resolutions of this list and also open your mind to new ways of seeing the world and meeting new people.

But if you are interested in traveling to new countries, we cannot miss the opportunity to invite you to visit Costa Rica and let us be your guides. You can visit with us volcanoes, unique waterfalls in the world, the famous rainforest and much more!


Share with us what are your new year´s resolutions for 2019, and contact us if you visit our Pura Vida country, we would love to meet new No Limit Adventurers!





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