If you are a fan of non-traditional sports, our blog post today is for you. Learn all about Extreme Sports in Costa Rica.


Although Costa Rica is a country passionate about soccer, other less traditional disciplines such as BMX or mountain triathlon have exponents who are representing our country in exceptional ways.


Today we want to pay tribute to all the athletes who are leading the way, to all the pioneers. We highlight some representatives of Extreme Sports in Costa Rica who have rubbed shoulders with the best of the best in worldwide championships, filling us with pride.

Costa Rica Extreme sports

Extreme Sports in Costa Rica: rising high the bar



Last year, Kenneth Tencio made history in the UCI BMX World Championships by taking the second place, defeating competitors from countries that are a world power in this type of sports.


However, this is not a stroke of luck, since Tencio’s good work has already been demonstrated for some time. Even in the same year, he was crowned sub-champion in the FISE BMX Freestyle World Series held in Japan.


Other important exponents of this extreme sport in Costa Rica are Lou Uba and Luis Barrantes.



Even though the skateboarding has been practiced in Costa Rica since 1970, the sport has taken force after being included in the list of disciplines of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.  After this, the Costa Rican skateboarding federation was founded in 2017, to help promote and encourage the discipline.

One of the most important exponents of this extreme sport in Costa Rica is Bryan Gutierrez, who is also a well-known influencer among the skate adepts.  Daniel Chacon is also a significant athlete of this discipline, crowning last year as the best in the region at the Central American Championship held in El Salvador.



Without a doubt, surf is one the most relevant extreme sports in Costa Rica.  We even dare to say that our small country has become a benchmark worldwide.  Sign of this was the World Surfing League Qualifying Series held in our country last October.

In this discipline, it is difficult to choose one name.  But we will be unfair not to highlight last year´s champion Carlos Cali Muñoz and second place (by narrowly) Noe Mar McGonagle.  On the female side, the scene features well-known names such as Noe Mar’s sister, Leilani and Brisa Hennessy. The latter making history by becoming the first-ever Costa Rican surfer to qualify for the World Tour.

Carlos Cali Muñoz and Noe Mar McGonagle. Image courtesy of Costa Rica Star News.



Last September, the teams that will represent Costa Rica in the 2019 World Rafting Championship in Australia were classified. This extreme sport in Costa Rica is one of the most established.  Costa Rica has had world championship presence since 1994, both in the category of rafts of four and six people.


As it is a team sport and not individual as the previous ones, it is difficult to mention names, however we feel equally proud of all of them for the incredible representation they make of our country.


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Extreme sports in Costa Rica Rafting

Black Mambas Team, 2018 Costa Rican Champions. Image courtesy of La Republica

Mountain Triathlon

When we talk about extreme sports in Costa Rica, the mountain triathlon is truly all about taking your body to its limits.  The Xterra World Champion, the Costa Rican Ron Akerson, has mastered this sport.


Akerson surprised dethroning the 5-time winner Ruben Ruzafa from Spain and others more accustomed to the first seats of the competition. Although Akerson is not a stranger in the sport since he is professional since 2007, his best position was number 8. Last November, this proud Tico, who carries the sport in his blood thanks to his dad, managed to fulfill his dream and be crowned champion in Maui.



Great initiatives for extreme sports in Costa Rica


Through extreme sports in Costa Rica, some communities seek to create economic prosperity and motivate locals and foreigners to visit the area. One of these initiatives is to make the Nicoya Peninsula in our province of Guanacaste, a favorite destination for lovers of two-wheeled engines.


Next July, the Latin American Enduro Championship will be held in Nicoya.  From now, these communities are preparing to receive more than 200 motorcyclists and more than 800 visitors. This type of event seeks to address a niche into rural areas that are less benefit from traditional tourism.


The event will join the Celebration of the Annexation of the Nicoya Party, which is one of the most important festivals of our province and country. This will allow the visitors of the event to know first-hand the great cultural wealth of the country.


Extreme sports in Costa Rica are booming bringing many benefits to our society. We hope that our country will continue to make a good name in these disciplines.


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