The month of love has arrived, and this can mean for some a stressful moment. The idea of surprising your partner with the perfect date for Valentine’s Day can be very nerve-wracking, especially if your idea of the perfect day is not a candlelight dinner. If you feel like this, our blog today is for you, we bring you some great Valentine’s day date ideas if you enjoy adventure and outdoor activities.

Valentines day date ideas adventure costa rica

Valentine’s Day: conflicting opinions

According to the History Channel, 150 million of Valentine’s cards are purchased annually. ABC News, tells us that by 2018 it was expected that Americans would spend close to $18 billion to celebrate the day of love and friendship. In addition, in the same country, the Society of Florists confirmed the production of 250 million roses for this holiday.

Many are detractors of this famous celebration that goes back centuries. Others by their side count Valentine’s Day among their favorite holidays.

Seeing the numbers mentioned above, it is easy to understand why many people criticize that the date is a creation of marketing and commerce. However, in a world in which hatred is a constant, it is nice to dedicate a day to celebrate love and friendship. Having this in mind, our Valentine’s day ideas promote creating memories and spending time with your loved one, more than just buying something trivial and by obligation.

perfect valentines day date ideas

Valentine’s Day date ideas, more than just roses

If we go back to the original idea of a day in which we feel grateful for the people we love and celebrate with them having love in our lives, no matter what kind of love, Valentine’s Day is really a very good day. Yes, I know that we have Thanksgiving and Christmas and even birthdays too, but why not have one more day in the first months of the year dedicated to something positive?  If you agree with me, here are some Valentine´s day date ideas that will help you strengthen the bond between you and your significant one, or why not with your friends.

When you take a moment to remember beautiful memories with your friends or loved one, a day sitting in front of the TV watching Netflix is not going to pop up your mind. You will probably remember new experiences that you lived together or places you visited. This is why our Valentine’s day date ideas are based on a day of adventure together, considering different levels of adrenaline:


Low adrenaline level: Reconnect with nature and with each other

Kiwanda Maji costa rica tours waterfall and rainforest

Visit the foothills of the active Rincon de la Vieja volcano and spend the day with your love enjoying its impressive natural riches.

The first choice of our Valentine’s day date ideas takes you to a secluded and private reserve which is characterized by its lush landscapes.  Wander hand by hand with your loved one along its tranquil trails in an easy hike that will take you to 3 waterfalls.

Spend some time at the local farm, try their fresh production of cheese, pet the cows, pigs, donkeys and other farm animals.

Dip in the amazing blue lagoon of natural spring water, whose name refers to the electric bright light blue color of its water.

And finish the perfect Valentine’s day date with a delicious lunch tasting a characteristic tapas menu inspired by traditional Costa Rican cuisine.



Medium adrenaline level: A day of canyoning and spring waters

Visit a magical place in the middle of the tropical forest that blends with its environment and surrounded by two impressive canyons. The majestic topography will allow you to enjoy a day of adventure, as well as a space in the afternoon for relaxation with your significant one.

Choose between flying through the skies on the 5 zip lines, 15 rock-based platforms canyoning, the via ferratas, challenge bridge, pendulum cable and Tarzan swing.  Or, floating downstream in your individual tube surrounded by the impressive canyon walls and a rich forest. If, as is often the case, your love and you cannot agree on which one to choose, you can do both in a full day of adventure for your Valentine´s date.

At the end of your day, unwind at the natural spring water pools and delight with the delicious lunch that the chef has prepared to celebrate the day of love.



High adrenaline level: Experience the force of nature


tenorio rafting with us the most important river to practice the exciting sport of rafting in Guanacaste, the Tenorio River.  In our 2.5 exciting hours of Valentine´s day date you will travel 20 kilometers downstream, where you will pass large waves, long rapids, rocks, considerable drops and turbulent water.

We will take a moment out of the water to hydrate and why not if you feel romantic, share some tropical fruits with your partner before continuing the journey.

The cherry on top of the tour is a 12-foot waterfall drop that will definitely make you feel the adrenaline flowing through your veins!  Finish your perfect Valentine´s Day date with a delicious lunch on the way back.

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Another advantage of our Valentine´s day date ideas is that planning these activities with your loved one will bring more moments together, apart from the experience itself, without counting the memories that will remain for a lifetime. Remember on this Valentine’s Day that the best gift to strengthen the bonds of love and affection is time.

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