We invite you to explore Costa Rica without limits, on a unique journey through some of the most valuable natural landscapes in the country. Stay at our carefully selected hotels and properties along the coast and in the mountains.

We have programs from 5 nights onwards, where you will connect with nature through our adventure, ecotourism, and luxury options. Our expert guides, authentic experiences and comfortable vehicles will allow you to enjoy this country like never before.


Based on a 5 day itinerary

Due to the unique geographical location of Costa Rica, seated between two oceans and divided from North to South by an amazing volcanic mountain range, offers a wide list of destinations to visit. More than 600 beaches, lush jungles, ample wildlife and dreamy waterfalls waits for those who like to take out the most of their vacation.

On this multi day itinerary you will get the opportunity to design with our team your own route throughout Costa Rica. From Zip-lines, canyoning, amazing waterfalls and hikes in the rainforest, to surfing or diving on the Pacific Coast. We will work with you putting together our previously hand-picked hotel selection, according to the activities and areas of the country you desire to visit. This teamwork will create that bespoke Costa Rica experience you are looking for.

To get started just contact us or coordinate a meeting with our founder Erick as he would love to help you create your own extraordinary journey through Costa Rica.

Starting from USD 2,275 per person

SECLUDED Family & Friends Journey

Based on a 5 day itinerary

This tropical corridor country situated between Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, with great weather almost all year around is committed to sustainability and strong climate change polices. Its own Pura Vida Style, is transmitted to its visitors with a very authentic sense of happiness and hospitality.

In this Costa Rica Luxury Journey, you can choose from luxury tented camps iimmerse in the Arenal Volcano rain forest area, to luxury private beach front property in Guanacaste, our accommodation partners have been carefully considered and hand-picked by our team.

To get started just contact us or coordinate a meeting with our founder Erick as he would love to help you create your own luxury journey through Costa Rica.

Starting from USD 4,215 per person

Tropical Feathers

Based on a 7 day itinerary

Bird watching can be as professional or passionate as you desire; our multi day trips are based on the specific species of bird you are interested on, or even a list of your dreams of Costa Rica Birds.

The expert bird watcher Javier Perez will be with you all time during the whole experience. This is a very specific activity and we know you like to have somebody who really knows what is looking for and where. These are all private trips, to turn them as educational as possible regarding the identification, field marks, service and details.  It is preferred to quote small groups to increase possibilities of a successful experience.

We would need some details ahead of time about your experience, target species and number of days you would like to go birding. With this information we will start creating the best itinerary according to your Costa Rica Birding Dreams.

Some of the most recognized zones of Costa Rica for bird watching are; Monteverde Cloud Forest, Los Quetzales National Park, San Gerardo de Dota, Palo Verde National Park, Santa Rosa National Park, Rincon de la Vieja Volcano area, Bijagua and Tenorio area.

We are going to work in the field as hard as needed regardless you are avid or a beginner birder.

Starting from USD 4,350 per person 

Costa Rica Wild & Remote

 Based on a 5 day itinerary

Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Around half a million species are known to live here, which is equal to about 5% of the estimated species on Earth. This special country offers a wide range of tropical landscapes, and magical destinations out of the beaten path where you can feel and experience the natural essence of Costa Rica.

If you are into this life changing experiences, our team in No Limit Adventures will guide you to get deep in Costa Rica. We put together handpicked lodging, transportation, professional guides, activities and conservation programs on which you can participate as part of this journey.

To get started just contact us or coordinate a meeting with our founder Erick as he would love to help you create your own wild & remote journey through Costa Rica.

Starting from USD 3,790 per person

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….The claw marks left by a jaguar on a tree got me to pondering how modern living protects us from the elements but also disconnects us from the vital pulse of nature…

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