Less crowded than the beaches of Sydney, Hawaii or Southern California, the sandy stretches of Costa Rica offer plenty of swells, breaks and surf shops. Costa Rica is home to some of the best waves on the planet, crashing along beaches that are clean and blissfully empty.

Let us tell you a little bit about the Guanacaste surfing side.

North Pacific Coast
The North Pacific Coast is encompassed by the Guanacaste Province and is the country’s most visited region. However, this area, home to some of the best and most easily accessible diving and surfing spots, is also one of Costa Rica’s least populated regions.

Playa Naranjo, more commonly known as Witch’s Rock, is one of the best breaks in the country, with some very strong offshore winds between December and March. There aren’t any resorts or hotels located here, but nearby   Witch’s Rock Surf Camp is the perfect place to stay and learn. Instructors will teach you the basics and shuttle you and other newbies to the famous swells of Playa Naranjo. You can also camp out, but 4-wheel drive is a must and don’t forget a mosquito net.

Playa Grande provides consistent swells and breaks, making it one of the best overall surf spots in the country. It also offers a quieter spot than beaches like Playa Tamarindo and the beach’s north side is a great location for swimming, safe from the dozens of surfers tearing through the Costa Rican waters.

Playa Negra is a right-handed point break that the locals describe as epic. The waves are as powerful as they are reliable. For experienced surfers, the ride is best when the waves are breaking overhead, so head to Playa Negra on days when storms are kicking up some aggressive surf.

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