Are you feeling burned out from work and in desperate need of a vacation? You are not alone. Many town-dwellers today are seeking an escape from the daily monotony that city life brings. And the funny thing is, only a few years ago, we’d be fighting to get that eco-lodge in Costa Rica offering Wi-Fi before anyone else did. Well, things have turned around, and we’re often willing to pay more for one that doesn’t.

We have seen an increasing trend in people preferring to ignore their digital devices even when a connection is available. Nature destinations can help with digital detoxing, which is currently in high demand. Although Costa Rica has a stable internet connection throughout the entire country, we encourage you to completely disconnect from your devices and revel in the natural wonders that will follow you everywhere you go. After all, settings like these don’t come around too often!

If you are looking for unrivaled, nature-infused, off-the-grid experiences in Costa Rica, we know what you need. In this blog, we will feature the best destinations in Costa Rica where you can disconnect from work and literally disappear for a day- or maybe more. 

rio celeste trip

Digital Detox Oasis: Río Celeste

Adventurers seeking to discover hidden gems will undoubtedly enjoy visiting Río Celeste. This ethereal destination located within Tenorio Volcano National Park is known for its stunning waterfall and turquoise waters. Hiking through the park’s rainforest leads to the iconic Río Celeste waterfall. Here, the sky-blue waters cascade into a pristine pool, providing a magnificent view.

The National Park is one of Costa Rica’s most visited parks. Therefore, the number of visitors allowed daily is limited. A day trip to Río Celeste provides a brief break from work and offers a day of exploring Costa Rica’s natural beauty. You can expect the biggest crowds in this area from December to April. This is because of the one linear trail everyone must use to go and return.

To truly appreciate the magic of this mystical river, consider embarking on a multi-day adventure that allows you to explore the surrounding area and immerse yourself in its tranquility.

Out of The Office, Into Exotic Paradise: Tamarindo

We are sure that beachgoers and surfers will love Tamarindo. This Pacific coast piece of heaven offers stretches of golden sand and crystal-clear waters. It is the perfect place to relax, recharge, and disconnect from work in Costa Rica. You can do plenty of things here – soak up the sun, catch a wave, or explore the mangrove estuaries.

We recommend a day trip to Tamarindo for instant relaxation for those who are not overly stressed. After all, spending the day lounging on the beach can recharge everyone. This is also one of the greatest nature destinations to visit with family and friends. Here, you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, sipping coconut water and listening to the waves.

tamarindo day trip

Beyond The Reach Of Conference Calls: Palo Verde

When passing the banks of the Tempisque River, Palo Verde National Park stands proud with its distinct dichotomous character. Wildlife and bird watchers will never want to leave. It’s home to an extensive selection of bird species, including herons, egrets, and ibises. Therefore, it offers a rare opportunity to observe Costa Rica’s rich biodiversity up close. 

Palo Verde is a spectacular wetland ecosystem and one of the best examples of tropical dry forests. In fact, the reason behind its dual nature is the Río Tempisque, which floods the land in an arid climate region.

palo verde day trip

Boat tours along the river allow recharging and immersing in the sights and sounds of nature. The daily trips offer an excellent vantage point for spotting wildlife. However, those looking to really disconnect from work in Costa Rica should go for a more comprehensive experience to reconnect with nature and renew their spirit. A multi-day tour to one of the most stunning nature destinations offers exploring the park’s diverse habitats and natural beauty. 

Silence The Meetings, Hear The Nature: Tortuguero

When you visit Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, you’ll find a remote paradise accessible only by boat or airplane. Known as the “Amazon of Costa Rica,” Tortuguero National Park is a wildlife enthusiast’s dream. The place offers a glimpse into the untouched wilderness, giving you a fantastic opportunity to spot endangered species. If you’re lucky you might spot some exotic animals like jaguars and manatees. Luckily, sea turtles are far easier to spot as they simply love the National Park’s water. Always be mindful of the rules so you don’t disturb their peace! 

palo verde day trip

Sustainable travel enthusiasts will find Tortuguero’s network of navigable canals and lush rainforest a fantastic way to disconnect from the outside world. Moreover, people often recognize this place for its great ecological importance. It protects the nesting beaches of Green, Baula, Carey, and Cabezona sea turtles, as well as the ecosystem called Yolullal. Other protected habitats include those of the manatee, the rarest and most endangered mammal in Costa Rica, and the largest feline in Central America, with the largest population of jaguars being in this area.


With all the available nature destinations worldwide, one can easily disconnect from everyday life’s stress. Costa Rica, with its natural beauty, offers some of the best places to connect with nature, clear the mind, and have an adventurous experience.

Next time you visit Costa Rica, contact us, and we will show you this country’s wonderful destinations. Our daily, multi-day, personalized, and private tours will allow you to fully disconnect from the world, so you can come back home as fresh and rejuvenated as ever.

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